Why the New York Giants Should Trade OBJ

Odell Beckham Jr. is without question a top 3-5 wideout in the National Football League. That being said, there are a couple of reasons that the New York Giants should consider trading OBJ.

Contract Issue

OBJ’s discontent with his current contract, and lack of progress by the Giants in meeting his demands, loom large over the organization. This was further solidified by Ian Rapoport this morning via Twitter. OBJ wants to be the highest-paid player in a league in which the highest-earners all play the same position, quarterback. This makes it highly unlikely that a deal will get struck between the two sides any time soon.

Accelerate a Total Rebuild

The Giants are on the tail end of one of the best, if not the best, 10+ year stretch in the organization’s history that was highlighted by two Super Bowl victories. Coinciding with that is the decline in play of aging quarterback Eli Manning. Aside from his rookie season, 2017-18 was the second lowest touchdown total of his career. In this coming draft, they should certainly pick a QB at No.2 to usher in a new era of Giant’s football.

However, they made some puzzling moves this offseason to signal that they were not interested in rebuilding. They acquired Alec Ogletree, signed Patrick Omameh, and made Nate Solder the highest-paid offensive tackle in the league. Even more perplexing, those moves were coupled with a transaction in the other direction. They traded their most productive defensive player, Jason Pierre to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. JPP yielded them a pick in the third round.

On and Off-Field Antics

OBJ has immense talent, but that talent is accompanied by a lot of baggage. He has had outbursts on the sidelines where he is yelling at teammates and coaches, as well as assaulting defenseless kicking nets. There was the infamous boat trip in Miami just days before a playoff game. The urinating dog celebration, and most recently, he was involved in a troubling Snapchat video. After a certain point, all of the headaches and drama that accompany his production on the field become too much to handle for an organization.

Final Thoughts

Although it would be tough to swallow, would catch the ire of the fanbase, effect the product on the field tremendously, and not to mention, rid the team of one of most marketable athletes in the entire sport, the Giants should trade Odell Beckham Jr. They have a few other talented pass catchers in Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram that showed that they can be productive in the NFL. OBJ would certainly net the Giants a first-round pick and more, which they could use on younger, cheaper players. Lastly, the Philadelphia Eagles appear to be the cream of the NFC East for the next few years, so the time to hit the reset button is just right.



Photo Credit: Al Bello | Getty Images








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